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Monday, January 11, 2010

Anyone Else Think This is Wrong?

My school 2 years ago or so opened up the Center for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (CAASD) that is associated with the College of Health Professions (code for the occupational therapy department). It's cool that someone recognizes the need for services and supports for a growing population, however, I have heard from someone on the spectrum in this age group that they often miss the mark. When I was in Disability Support Services in December I noticed there was a flyer up about their "Girls Group" which is "an integrative setting for young women ages 18-28" with ASD. Any feminists have some thoughts? On the monthly calendar posted on the CAASD website they list it as the Women's Group, thank g-d, but that flyer still rubs me the wrong way. Ableism anyone?

*A Reminder that today is technically the last day to submit to the DBC (I'll grant some leeway)*


Emma said...

Off topic because I'm tired and can't think very straight but which of my posts did you mean might work for the DBC? Because my booklist which you commented on seemed like a strange fit for your topic. I'm probably going to write something tonight or tomorrow though. But you can include any of my posts you like.

therapydoc said...

My guess is the women's group is important because women are higher functioning, have much more empathy than men. Or so say the studies. So they get more out of it, maybe.

Cheryl said...

It's not that TD. It's not the gender segregation that is getting to me, it's the way the group is presented on the flyer. As a GIRL'S group. Please maintain uniformly that it is a WOMAN'S group.

There are many long withstanding globalized prejudices held against people with disabilities, and one that is ESPECIALLY prevalent with people who are assumed to be intellectually disabled, such as autistics, whether or not they actually are, is that we are childlike in our thoughts, feelings, and actions. This is not true of course, even for most individuals who are intellectually disabled, as shocking as that may sound to the general public.

So what bothers me is that University personnel, who are supposed to be educated and enlightened, are perpetuating this very damaging stereotype. Although why should I be surprised? Read previous posts.

Adelaide Dupont said...

Many people on the spectrum (women of all ages and backgrounds) are finding their way to the Autism Womens' Network.

It is in some way connected to the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network, which has presence in many US universities and several countries, including Britain and Australia.

And Amy Gravino has commented about her own support group, and so has Lydia.

You will find them on Amy's Tiny Corner of Existence (I first came to know and follow Gravino when she was writing a sex and dating guide called The Naughty Autie) and Autistic Speaks (Another Dilemna 11.1.2010) (which just happens to be Lydia talking about her support group and the dilemnas she experiences there).

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