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Monday, December 14, 2009

Researcher Seeking Pictures of People with Mobility Impairments

I've been very bad at keeping up with facebook over the last 6 weeks and just found 2 things of interest that were posted ages ago. First is that ADAPT has put together a thank you note for Senator Tom Harkin. He does a lot of work on our (ALL disabled American's) behalf. Please sign.

Second, Rosemary Hughes, a researcher at the University of Montana’s Rural Institute, is seeking photos of active persons who use assistive equipment for walking (canes, crutches, walkers etc) for use in a project, "Motivating Smokers with Mobility Impairments to Stop Smoking." The photos will be used to illustrate a DVD and promotional materials for a smoking cessation program designed for people with disabilities. The Rural Institute is partnering on this project with researchers from Brown University and The Myriam Hospital in Rhode Island. The project is funded by the National Cancer Institute. The Rural Institute does great work on disability related research and they would be conscientious about using your photos.

So, do you have awesome photos of yourself or friends who use equipment for walking? It would be great to have the photos show your equipment as well as you. Rosemary is looking for about 25 photos and you can email her at Be a star and help people quit smoking! Rosemary would love to share more information about this important study with anyone who contacts her about it. Thanks so very much!

Should I send in this picture? Just Kidding! It's a pretty bad picture...

P.S. The 61st Disability Blog Carnival is up! We need hosts for the next year. Please contact Penny.


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