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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Have YOU Written the Governor Yet?

I wrote mine on some old bright ORANGE (If you're an ADAPTer, you'll get it) personalized stationary that I found so that it will STAND OUT. Remember, the Governor's address is:

100 State Circle
Annapolis, MD 21401-1925

Here is my letter (I hope he can read my messy cursive):

Governor O'Malley:

I am writing in response to the current budget crisis. I understand that some tough decisions need to be made in this economy but you must look CAREFULLY at every cut you make. Between March and November over $17 million have been cut to the MHA budget for community services with little to no funding cuts to state inpatient facilities. As mental health consumer I am writing to beg you not to cut funding any further as it has been well established that appropriate community supports can stabilize psychiatric symptoms better then institutional settings.

Not only are community services more effective, they are also CHEAPER. The cost per person per year in a state psychiatric facility can be over $200,000 while the statics I received state that services through a wellness and recovery center is about $1000 per person per year. I estimate though that the wellness and recovery center I attend twice a week operates at about $200 per person per year while providing a level of acceptance, friendship, & support higher then with any other service I have tried over the last 14 years. There have been plenty of times over the last 6 months where seeing friends I have met through the Towson On Our Own center was my only motivation to leave my apartment.

It has been my experience that the programs with the least funding supports are the first to have their funding pulled. Keeping programs such as these operational will keep people moving & motivated during these tough economic times. I can't imagine what could happen to me should this support disappear and I worry about people who are uninsured that use wellness and recovery centers as their only resource in dealing with their psychiatric issues.

I urge you Governor to be fiscally responsible and supportive of the citizens of Maryland by not further cutting funds for community mental health services.

Cheryl *censored*

The next letter I need to write is to Senator Mikulski to thank her for sponsoring Rosa's law. She is my Senator after all. I've been meaning to write this for over a month, however I don't have all the info I need in order to write it. I want to get in EVERYTHING. I want to write 'hey, thanks so much for sponsoring Rosa's Law & supporting disability rights, you could really show your support if you signed onto...'

Someone help me with the bills I need please. I know the Community Choice Act and I know the CLASS Act and the Community First Choice Option, but what else? Isn't there a restraint and seclusion law? What am I missing?


WheelchairPride said...

Hi Cheryl: You wrote a message on my blog which I didn't really understand...

I think it would be GREAT if you came up with something wheelchair-ey for the Jan Disability Blog Carnival!

I didnt see a way to contact you to discuss. There is an email address on my blog. Why not drop me a note and help me to understand.


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