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Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Almost Forgot Today Is UN's International Day of People with Disabilities

[image description: the UN symbol. It says UNITED NATIONS enable]

I haven't seen any posts. Well, scratch that. One. I feel like it's my duty to write about the Convention on the Rights of PWDs, but I forgot the USNUSP teleconference so I know nothing about it. Turns out though I was thinking of writing a post on Susan Boyle--I live in the USA, she lives in Scotland, loose way to make a connection, I know, but any commemoration is better then none. The original title of the post was going to be "Susan Boyle, I Want Your Memoir." I'm sure it's in the works, and I'll be one of the 1st to preorder.

I was thinking about how I heard she had the most sales of any female artist EVER on a release date. Media making the point that you don't have to look like Brittney apparently. No one is snickering now. I was listening to clips on iTunes and I won't be buying the album. If it was just show tunes or something I would, LOVE her voice, but it's a weird mix, some songs are odd for her I think. I will however be buying 2 songs-- 1) I Dreamed a Dream. As much as I hate to say it, I find it inspirational. Maybe not the words as much as the title and the connection. The second is You'll See because she's said that's her inspiration.

You'll See is her dig at all the people who used to beat her up as a kid and verbally abused her because she has at least 1 LD and she was different. That's what I was thinking about. I was thinking about how she has an opportunity to do so much good in the world. To turn that around. Not that 12 year old nasty kids are going to read her memoir, but if enough teachers do and enough teachers feel empathy (NOT sympathy) and begin to teach character, things will slowly turn around. Susan has the ability to be a catalyst for so much change all over the world now that she is an international superstar. She seems comfortable enough talking about her past and I hope that continues.

So this is my contribution to International Day of PWDs. If you know of any others out in the blogsphere, please comment and point me in that dirrection. Leave a link. Thanks!


Adelaide Dupont said...

I'm sure you're not the only one who wants Boyle's memoir!

Yesterday, we celebrated by listening to the band Rudely Interrupted and their trip to the United Nations last year.

They really know how to rock out, from Rory with the guitar (left handed) and the voice to Constance, 'the human metronome' to Josh the drummer who often gets forgotten.

Cheryl said...

here's another link

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