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Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm Hosting the 62nd Disability Blog Carnival!!!

Penny needed a host for the next one & I decided to volunteer. She needs hosts for all of 2010 so stop by the Disability Studies blog and sign up! The date of this carnival is Thursday January 14th and the submission deadline is Monday January 11th. You can post links here, over at the Disability Studies blog, or facebook message me if you're my facebook friend. Also Penny says that if you put Disability Blog Carnival in the title of your post she always finds it.

If you couldn't guess from the picture, or can't see the picture, the theme for this one is Holidays.

[the picture is the Easter bunny dressed in a Santa coat, Santa beard, wearing antlers and a witch hat with a 4-leaf clover on it, turkey feathers behind and a pumpkin besides with heart shaped eyes. It says 'It would save me a lot of trouble if you'd put this on your fridge and leave it up all year...' I don't love the picture, I'm Jewish, & I guess the 6-pointed star as the nose of the jack-o-lantern is for that, but that's lame. How about a Magen Dovid necklace? Some bling... but anyway, it illustrates my point BEAUTIFULLY]

I hope no one has done this one before, I'd hate to repeat topics. You may be wondering why I chose this theme when the holidays will be over. Well I say the Holidays are NEVER over. There is at least 1 holiday during every month of the year except for June (unless you want to count Flag Day here in the US) and August. This carnival, for example, is between New Years and Valentines Day.

So... tell me your favorite holiday. How you spent these past holidays. How your/your kids disabilities impacts your holiday celebrations. Why you HATE holidays if you do. How you prepare for holidays. Your weirdest holiday experience. The possibilities are endless!

I have hosted 2 carnivals in the past. The first one was on adjectives and the second was about things that are therapeutic. Last time I felt unloved because I got so little submissions (I think, & I think Penny would agree, that carnival enthusiasm has dwindled). Don't do that to me again! Submit! Remember, you don't have to submit new posts, they can be years old if you want. I've submitted old posts to the carnival many times in the past.

Happy Blogging!


Laura Overstreet said...

Awesome, thanks for the invite! I'll definitely submit!

IrrationalPoint said...

Hi. Can I submit by posting here? The post I'd like to submit is:


Laura Overstreet said...

Hi, Cheryl. This is my submission to the Disability Blog Carnival:

Is there anywhere else I should post it?

Danielle said...

Here's my post. Thanks for hosting this!

rickismom said...


Anonymous said...

I've got two posts to offer:

The first is about the fact that holidays don't have to be hellish, and family isn't just about blood.

The second is a post about the funny things that happened with my service dog and I over our 'vacation' to visit my future inlaws.

Elizabeth McClung said...

I would like to submit to the carnival, I think it is past midnight so I might be a few hours over deadline but my link is here.

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