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It's ALREADY that time of year again: The ADAPT Fun*Run for Disability Rights is April 22nd 2012. Maryland's fundraising goal is $8,000 this year. Yes, that's right, $8,000

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes

You never know the biggest day of your life is going to be the biggest. The days you think are going to be big ones, they are never as big as you make them out to be in your head. It’s the regular days, the ones that start out normal. Those are the days that end up being the biggest...

You never know the biggest day of your life is your biggest day, not until it’s happening. You don’t recognize the biggest day of your life, not until you’re right in the middle of it. The day you commit to something or someone. The day you get your heart broken. The day you meet your soul mate. The day you realize there’s not enough time because you wanna live forever. Those are the biggest days. The perfect days...


Today’s the day my life begins. Today I become a citizen of the world. Today I become a grown up. Today I become accountable to someone other than myself and my parents. Accountable for more than my grades. Today I become accountable to the world, to the future, to all the possibilities life has to offer. Starting today. My job is to show up, wide-eyed and willing and ready. For what? I don't know. For anything. For everything. To take on life. To take on love. To take on the responsibility and possibility. Today my friends our lives begin. And I for one, can’t wait.


Not a typical post for me I know, but something I think I may want to go back and look at from time to time and I want to know where to find it. I got a phone call from a friend Friday who woke me up to those words. Was not expecting her to quote the latest episode of Grey's. Those lines are surprisingly applicable to more situations then just Izzie's wedding... I will not ruin these words by more commentary, but you are more than welcome to comment.


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