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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

National Call-In Day TODAY

Ensure Long-Term Services and Supports are Included in Health Care Reform

Background: In coming weeks, the U.S. Senate will finalize legislation to reform America’s health care system. Long-term services and supports are essential to individuals with disabilities and seniors and must be included.

  • While over 48 million Americans do not have medical insurance, over 250 million Americans lack any insurance protection for the costs of long-term services.
  • Nearly half of all funding for long-term services is provided through Medicaid that requires individuals to impoverish themselves to receive supports.
  • There is an institutional bias within Medicaid that denies Americans with disabilities an equal choice for home and community services.
  • Hundreds of thousands of individuals with disabilities and their families are on waiting lists for Medicaid home and community-based services.

Proposals exist to help address these issues. However, they will only be included within health care reform legislation if Congress hears from you. Aging and disability organizations have joined together to host a national call-in day on Wednesday, May 13. Please join thousands of others across the country in calling your Senators to tell them how important it is to include long-term services and supports. Your calls can make a difference!

Call-In Information:

When: Wednesday, May 13 (Between 8AM and 6PM EDT)

Call-In Number: 1-866-459-9232 (Toll Free)

You will be asked which state you are calling from and will be connected to your Senators’ offices. Below is a sample script to leave a message.

Hello my name is __________ and I am calling from _________ . I’m calling to ask my Senator to help make sure long-term services and supports are part of health care reform. Long-term services and supports are essential to my health, well-being, and community participation because I have disabilities. I try to help people with disabilities and seniors get out of nursing homes where they got stuck. Please ensure long-term services and supports are included in laws to reform health care. Thank you.


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