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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful because...

  • my friends allow me to abuse them. I don't know what I'd do...
  • it seems to have stopped raining. Finally...
  • I got paid. I hadn't worked in awhile so I wasn't getting paid. But now I am.
  • my hair is pony tail length and not in between.
  • I will be volunteering in peds at a new (for me) hospital soon. it's been too long since I've seen the inside of a hospital.
  • I am moving.
  • a resturant by me brought back my favorite dish from there.
  • of txt messages that save me cell minutes.
  • of the ability to stick clothes in a dryer when I'm too pressed to wait for them to hang dry.
  • I don't think my summer's going to be so bad. Hopefully hectic & fun.
[image description: cartoon of a moving truck with boxes falling out the back]


Ashley's Mom said...

In-between hair can be such a pain! I hope your summer is fun!

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