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Friday, November 20, 2009

Crip Humor I Guess

So my roomate has a close friend who lives 3 floors up. He is over all the time picking on the both of us. I have another friend like this, it just rolls right off. He certainly doesn't mean anything by it--I am sure of it. Anyway, he asked me this question which required a quick response with quite a bit of wit if I was going to give it right back to him. Except I had nothing. To bad the Trench Warrior wasn't around. Her's is the kind of wit I'm talking about. So I was resigned to answer with "I don't know." Then I said (without thinking I swear) "I'm not so quick on my feet..." Hey, it's a figure of speech.

Why I needed to apologize for my crappy answer I don't know, but as soon as it came out of my mouth I realized exactly what I'd said. He however didn't hear me because he had turned to tell my roomate that he'd asked me thus and such and my answer was...

Then he turned to me and said "What?" To which I was able to say "I'm not so quick on my feet, both litteraly and figuratively." By the way, at the time I was sitting on my bed and my wheelchair was parked temporarily in my bedroom doorway between the two of us! What a great way to recover! GO ME!!! Also, go him for appreciating my humor. Some people respond with a blank stare unable to decide if it's appropriate to laugh or if they'd be a jerk.


Eva said...

lol nice one! thanks for this. :)

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