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Friday, November 27, 2009

The Adventures of Bernard, the Hospital Puppet

More video on how great child life is. I just LOVE Bernard. He has his own website and facebook page as Bernard Chiles (waiting to see if he'll accept my friend request). Don't ask me how I found Bernard, there were so many random clicks involved. I wasn't looking for anything/at anything child life involved at all. I swear.


Bernard's Mom, Diana Chiles said...

Hello! I'm Diana, Bernard's Mom! His facebook page is under "Bernard Chiles". I first started a facebook page for Bernard under the name "Bernard P. Chiles". (The P was for puppet.) But I was new at facebook at the time and somehow got locked out of my own facebook page!!! So I had to start over. PLEASE become his friend! Mine too! Thanks for loving Bernard.

Cheryl said...

Diana, I'm so glad you found my blog! You must have googled yourself? I was one of those kids who was in and out of the hospital, 6 surgeries, and I love child life! I also really love therapy dogs :-) I've volunteered with 2 child life departments, although not recently.

Keep your eye out for my Monday video series during March in honor of Child Life Month! If you even remember by then... Each video will highlight a different aspect of what child life does.

Diana chiles said...

YES! Confession: I googled "Bernard the hospital puppet". Ha Ha. I was surprised that anyone had found my website ... other than the children and the families that I know from Le Bonheur.

I love therapy dogs too. I hope to have one some day. We have therapy dogs at Le Bonheur who visit, and I love those days. It is fun seeing the children completely amazed by both the dog and Bernard.

Bernard is a special tool that the children simply love with all their hearts. It is sweet to witness their interactions with Bernard. Most of the kids talk to Bernard as if I weren't even there. (Some grown-ups do too.)

I will look for your videos in March. I wont' forget.

Your new friend, Diana

Cheryl said...

Let's see, I was reading a blog I read all the time and I saw someone commented on a post who looked interesting, so I clicked on her blog which had a post on how offensive she finds "special people normal world" (I agree) which I had never heard of, so then I googled that, and lo and behold I found a video with bernard. And then I googled him. Whew... Bizarre because I already have a few child life posts on here, and how many people actually know what child life is?

Diana Chiles said...

I am catching up on your blog. Curious. What do you and the other person find offensive about "Special People Normal World." Be honest. You can email me privately on this.

Diana Chiles

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