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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

From Around the Internet

White Castle Discriminates Against Power Scooter User

At first glance when I read the article/watched the video about this I had a very predjudiced response. Yeah it's an inconvenience not to be able to order fast food late at night, but should anyone be eating late at night? Should anyone be ordering fast food at all? No. So then just don't order fast food. Too bad. It's for your own good. Then I remembered Tiff's post over at Disaboom. Yes, you can get a DUI in a wheelchair If you can get a DUI driving a scooter/wheelchair, motorized bar stool, lawnmower, bicycle, then I feel like you should be able to take them through a drive through. That's my take. Has nothing to do with disability at all. I wish for her sake that she hadn't said she's "madder than fish grease" while on camera. It lowers her credibility. But what do you think? Is this claim on the same level as Karen Putz's? Do you consider it disability discrimination? Or a saftey issue as they claim?

And now for something I don't usually do--a plug for Lean Cusine. Several weeks ago I bought a few different kinds of Lean Cusines (mostly ones I'd eaten before) and on Sunday I finally got around to eating one. I was in the mood for fish and it just so happens I'd bought one. The tortilla crusted fish. I feel like one of their commercials: I had tortilla crusted fish with rice, poblano peppers, corn and red peppers in a sour cream sauce topped with cheese & OMG was it GOOOOOD! Possibly the best frozen meal I've ever had. Definately a keeper!

And now for the more typical part of my post... SOME ARTICLES!

German research points way to better anxiety drug

I find it interesting that I ran across this article during the time that I'm experimenting w/my own "crazy lady" drugs (for those that are curious, I picked up a bottle of Prozac from Target last night. Crossing my fingers...) It'll be awsome if it works. I hate the side effects of benzos. If I take some (in minute doses mind you) for too many days it makes me suicidal. Why oh why are there antianxiety drugs on the market that make people suicidal? That and I could sleep through a hurricane on them. On zoloft too apparently. An antianxiety drug designed to NOT cause extreme drowsiness? Sign me up for that clinical trial!

Dying Girl Granted Wish to see "Up"

Grab a tissue before you read this one.

700 NYC Teachers Paid to do Nothing

I've never heard of such a thing. Why don't they just pay the arbitrators to work full time? Speed up the process until they get through everyone? DUH! Would probably save A LOT of $

Next are 2 new additions to my blog roll this week. The first is JustMe, written by a mother of 3, one of which has a developmental disability and now lives in a group home. I haven't had that much time to look around there, but it looks interesting (someone else who writes about her shrink. hmmm....)

By pure accident I found out that Dan Keplinger has a blog on Disaboom now. Listen to his plea. When I get my next allowance I may give him $5. Dunno.

Lastly, I wasn't origionally going to post this, but the rational yelling thing got to me. ROFLMAO!

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