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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I had the pleasure of visiting Dierdre's site when I was hosting the blog carnival. Her motto: be happy. be thankful. be positive! I can't be happy or positive right now. Frankly, my life is absolutely horrible. Not so much in the general sense, but certainly today. And yesterday. And tomorrow. But Dierdre kind of helped me. There is always something to be happy about, although I wouldn't exactly use the word happy. I think that a person might never be happy a day in their life, but they can certainly be thankful for what they have, even if they don't like it. I believe that the 2 can be mutually exclusive emotions.

[image description: red heart that looks like it was done out of paint, with thankful written in cursive inside the heart towards the left]

I've decided to participate in Thankful Thursday a minimum of 39 weeks in 2009. In case you're wondering where 39 came from (why not 40?) 39 is 75% of the weeks in the year. Why am I committing myself to Thankful Thursday? Because I also believe that thankfulness can lead to happiness.

So here's my list for the week. I'm thankful because:

  • I'm going to Baltimore this weekend and the Disability Power & Pride Inaugural Ball on Sunday.
  • I have 2 good friends that really care about me.
  • I've gotten pretty good at networking and I can network even more Sunday night.
  • Obama is going to fix this big mess that Bush caused. Even if it is going to take several years to dig us out. He's going to hit the ground running, with at least one major change happening on the 21st.
  • I ordered a GREAT book on Amazon (see sidebar) and had the opportunity to read some of it yesterday.
  • Finally after 4 years of dealing with DORS they did something really beneficial yesterday.
  • Because my mom is getting married to someone my grandma called "the greatest man still living."
  • I have an appt with a new Dr next week who might finally get my meds perfect. They're good, but not perfect yet, and my psychiatrist isn't living up to my standards.
  • I joined ADAPT in June. It's given me a greater voice.
  • US News & World Report listed child life as one of their 11 Best-Kept-Secret Careers. When I finally get my life together I might actually be able to find a job in my chosen field. I was always worried that the field would shrink if we hit a recession.


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