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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are You Ever Embarased Asking for Help?

Last night there was an ice storm. I woke up to a campus covered in ice and when I left at 12 to go to class I found that a lot of it hadn't been dealt with yet. I'm lucky I take my chair to class and didn't have to walk. It warmed up and late this afternoon a steady rain started. All of that rain is going to freeze overnight. I doubt the school is going to deal with the new ice very well either.

That brings us to 3pm tomorrow when I have an appt with my shrink. I've never been over there in ice before. Do they deal with it well? I don't know. I called her cell phone earlier and left her a voicemail. "When you get to work can you call me and let me know how the ice is over there. You might have to come out and help me in." I'm lucky that she gets to work at 2 and will actually know what the current situation is outside. I hate ice. It scares me and if I slip and fall I can't get up.

What I don't understand is why making that call left me with a slight twinge of embarassment. This is not a situation in which I should feel embarassed. Especially not with her. She certainly knows enough about me. When I was younger I would get embarassed of course. But why now? Why do I care? As and adult who has been disabled since birth, why is it that something so small and insignificant (in the scheme of things) is getting to me? I wish I knew.


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