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Sunday, January 25, 2009

People on the Move: Using All Transportation Options

Project ACTION Hosts Free Audio Conference

People on the Move: Using All Transportation Options

(ADA and beyond…)
2008-09 Distance Learning Series

Environmental Barrier Analysis and Options for Remedy

Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2009 (Part I) Webinar
2 - 3 p.m. Eastern time

Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2009 (Part II) Audio Conference
2 - 3 p.m. Eastern time

Register by Jan. 28.
This is a two-part conference and sign-up for both sessions will be required.

About this event

“Environmental Barrier Analysis and Options for Remedy" is part of a free train-the-trainer series to increase accessible transportation in your community. The Feb. 4 (Part I) and Feb. 11 (Part II) program will feature Penny Everline, ESPA training and technical assistance specialist, sharing basic information about conducting an environmental barrier analysis. Below is an outline of the presentation.

Part I: Webinar
2 - 3 p.m. EST Feb. 4

· Brief highlighting of features and potential barriers on:

1. Transit vehicles;

2. Transit facilities (i.e., stops and stations);

3. The pedestrian circulation network (path of travel);

· Review of a user-friendly environmental barrier analysis tool;

· Preparation for participants to conduct a brief environmental barrier analysis activity, which will be the basis for discussion in Part II (i.e., homework assignment).

Part II: Audio Conference
2 - 3 p.m. EST Feb. 11

· Facilitated discussion regarding participants’ findings from the environmental barrier analysis activity to be conducted after Part I;

· Discussion of the purpose and benefits of conducting a community-wide environmental analysis;

· Discussion of how and why transportation authorities complete this analysis;

· Facilitated discussion regarding the role participants can play in publicizing, implementing or reviewing this analysis.

The Feb. 4 event is a Webinar and will require Internet access and a telephone connection to fully participate. Instructions for connecting via the Internet and dialing in for the audio portion will be provided to those who register. We will also provide free training resources and materials. In return, we ask that you use the materials to train others in your community.

The Feb. 11 event will be an audio conference and will require a telephone connection only. Instructions for dialing in for the audio portion will be provided to those who register. We will also provide free training resources and materials. In return, we ask that you use the materials to train others in your community.

“Environmental Barrier Analysis and Options for Remedy” is among topics in ESPA’s series, "People on the Move: Using All Transportation Options (ADA and Beyond)."

How to participate

Registration is now open and will remain available until Jan. 28. After you register, related information, including dial-in and Internet access, will be provided in a confirmation email.

If you and other members of your organization wish to participate, we encourage you to register once and to use one computer and phone line, inviting others to join you in the room. This will allow for maximum participation.

In order to give Everline an opportunity to learn about the interests of participants, everyone is invited to send email to stating areas of interest and/or questions prior to the conference. She will review these comments and do her best to address these issues during the presentation. Please type “Environmental Barrier Analysis” in the subject line and submit the questions no later than Jan. 28.

If you have any questions regarding this or other People on the Move Distance Learning events, contact Kristi Ross at (800)659-6428 or through

About the presenter

Penny Everline joined Easter Seals Project ACTION in 2006 as a training and technical assistance specialist. Prior to that, she worked for the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA) where she authored materials for print publication and the Web site and provided technical assistance to Assistive Technology Act grantees. In addition, she worked for six years in university settings in student services where she oversaw staff training and taught several undergraduate courses. Everline currently serves on the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center Working Group and on the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s Riders Advisory Council. She holds a master of social work degree from George Mason University.

Resource materials for this event

The use of two publications, (1) Personal Transit Experience and (2) Environmental Barrier Analysis and Options for Remedy, is required. Please indicate a desired format.

The following resources are optional:

· ESPA's Toolkit for the Assessment of Bus Stop Accessibility and Safety

· U.S. Access Board Web site and Guidelines for Accessible Public Rights-of-Way

· ESPA's The Rights and Responsibilities of Transit Customers with Disabilities

· ESPA's ADA Bookmark

· ESPA's Transit Operator's Pocket Guide

· Transcript from the 2007 distance learning event titled, "You Can’t Get There from Here: Increasing Access in Pedestrian Circulation to and from Public Transportation" in plain text or PDF formats

About the People on the Move series

For several years, People on the Move was provided as in-person training scheduled annually in five cities. In 2008, the format for POTM was changed to extend the learning opportunity to a much wider audience through incorporation into our distance learning formats of audio conferences and Webinars.

There are several remaining programs in the series. Each of the sessions provides a basic look at the topic being presented. While most of the sessions are stand-alone events from which participants can pick and choose, the more sessions you participate in, the more complete your People on the Move experience will be. Registration for each event is available three to four weeks prior to the event. For the full event schedule, visit the People on the Move Web site.

NOTE: If you have attended our People on the Move workshop in the past couple of years, this series of events will be a repeat of the information you received.


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