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Monday, June 30, 2008

A salute to a Maryland Athlete (Baltimore Sun),0,1805374.story

"[Tatyana] McFadden, 19, a member of the U.S. Paralympics team that will compete in China in September, had limited endorsement opportunities when she competed in Athens four years ago. But since then, she and other disabled athletes have noticed a marked rise in corporate sponsorship opportunities.

'It's an eye-opener to the whole world,' the Clarksville resident said. 'People will see us. People will get to see what the Paralympics are all about.' ...

McFadden, who will be featured on 100 million 16- and 21-ounce cups in McDonald's establishments across the country, is among a growing number of athletes with disabilities who are being sought out by corporate America for sponsorships.

As unseemly behavior among able-bodied athletes has become more prevalent in recent years, corporate America has increased its efforts to reach out to athletes with disabilities, said Dave Rosenberg, executive vice president of GMR Marketing, a San Francisco firm that matched McFadden with Hilton. ...

In addition to Hilton and McDonald's, McFadden has sponsorships with Princeton Sports in Columbia and Eagle Sportschairs, a Georgia-based manufacturer of wheelchairs for athletes. ...

'Tatyana's story is one of determination and leadership, and we are tremendously inspired by her athletic achievements, her efforts to advocate equal opportunities for athletes with disabilities, as well as her strong, loving bond with her adopted family,' said Dianna Vaughan, vice president of marketing for Hilton Hotels."


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