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Monday, June 16, 2008

Call For Papers--Just Found Out But Deadline's THIS Friday


Proposals from all segments of the AUCD network and its partners are welcome, including individuals with disabilities and their family members, faculty, researchers, program directors and staff, graduate students, policymakers, administrators, and advocates. In order to ensure full participation of all attendees, pay special attention to the accessibility guidelines and related resources available on the AUCD website. Proposals that address the following topics are especially encouraged: changes and challenges of the future; international, national, and local relationships addressing collaborations across cultures and communities; strategies and present results that demonstrate the translation of research into practice and policy formulation; leadership development of student trainees and others; diversity and cultural knowledge and competence; involve multiple AUCD members and existing partners; address leadership development at all levels; and demonstrate research-to-systems-change outcomes and promising practices. Questions regarding the AUCD 2008 Annual Meeting & Conference should be directed to Crystal Pariseau or Laura Martin at AUCD.


I know I've talked a lot on here about my independent study (to the point of overkill probably), but I don't know if I ever mentioned that we tacked a research study onto it. What's the point of putting all of your blood sweat and tears into something if you then have no idea if you actually did what you set out to do? So we did a little pre/post-test, using an established scale, but I don't have it with me and I can't remember what it was. We're hoping that in the course of 3 hours we were able to alter students' ableist thinking. Even if just by a tiny bit. So you may ask, "Did you?" Well, I have not a clue. The professor in charge of number crunching couldn't start on anything until about 4-6 weeks ago. She was finishing her disertation, teaching 2 classes, and she has a 1 year old. Althrough she still has a 1 year old and is teaching summer school, she's now a Dr., so she's able get to work on this. I'll let you know as soon as I do. From what I understand it's somewhat of a lengthy process.

In the email she sent me this morning, she asked me if I wanted to be included as an author. "You will have some responsibilities to prepare and present as the conference draws closer (if we are accepted)." My answer was "YES YES YES!!!!! Of course I do. You didn't even have to ask." This is my life's work after all.

I'm so excited!!!!!! If I could actually jump, I'd be jumping for joy. I'm an undergrad.


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