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Monday, June 23, 2008

ATTN Disaboomers: S. PA-NOVA

If someone could please explain to me how I always manage to show up to my shrink appts early but I'm usually 20mins or so late to class, that'd be great. So anyway, last week I conned a friend of mine into driving me to my appt to save the cab $ and he got me there 15mins early. Usually I just rock out to my ipod while I'm waiting, but I happened to glance over at the table next to me where a copy of the June issue of Baltimore Magazine was sitting. The cover article caught my attn--Baltimore's best salons. Turns out that wasn't so interesting, but Baltimore Blogged was. The article featured some popular local bloggers and the site Blogtimore, Hon. The site is a blog aggregator, meaning that once you give them your RSS feed (for example the site will list your content so that it may possibly peak the interest of other local bloggers. I don't know how much extra expoure this will get me, I just got listed yesterday. As long as you live somewhere between S. PA and NOVA the site will list you. Please be nice and put CherylBeryl in the referred by box.

In other news, Saturday I went to Giant (the Giant in DC, MD, VA, & DE, not the one in PA, they're different) to get some perscriptions and found out they're now giving back $0.05 for every bag you bring. Yes you say, "but it's only $0.05, who cares?" Well if you bring in 5 bags you get back a quarter. The economy is bad and gas is up (even if you don't drive, cab prices went up too Sad ) It can be an old plastic bag from Giant, a paper bag, a dept store bag, a tote, anything. I got lucky in that I always buy a lot of frozen food so when I go in the summer I always bring one of those reusable insulated bags. Otherwise while I wait for a cab outside for 20mins in 90 degrees things would get ugly. If you use a scooter and have a basket in the front, tell them to put you're stuff in there loose and make them count it. If you use a chair, hand them your backpack. Heck, I may just bring a backpack next time. I'm sure I could find a use for an extra $0.05 somewhere...


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