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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Should Have Been Posting This Video

Yes, that's ME! Why do my eyes keep darting around? And where can I get that photo of me at 3:07? Self-centered tangent, I know, but what a GREAT profile pic that would be...

This video was recorded outside the Baltimore City Public Schools headquarters at a pro-Wisconsin MoveOn rally. I went because I told a friend I didn't want to schlep down there, but I'd go if she went. She said she'd only schlep down there if I went. She canceled on me at the last minute, when it was too late to change my paratransit ride. A frustrating day, but worth it I guess, now that I've seen this.

There was a guy off to the side interviewing people after it was over, and since I've joined ADAPT I can't pass by a camera and pass up a chance to spread our message (sounds like I'm a missionary, doesn't it? That's not how I mean it). So I rolled over and this guy asked me one simple question. "Why are you here?" It turned into this.

Two things that bug me: 1) I call ADAPT a "cross disability rights coalition." I meant to say organization, but I used to belong to a Maryland statewide group, the Cross Disability Rights Coalition, so I say "cross disability rights" and my brain goes straight to coalition automatically. Oh well.

2) I keep talking about "taking money away from vulnerable individuals." Really? PWDs are vulnerable? Don't call ME vulnerable. I can't believe I spread such ableism. Please forgive me. I was thinking on my feet (so to speak, I was sitting, haha), but there had to have been a better way to explain the urgency of getting the bill passed.

Overall though, I think I did a great job.


Blake Watson said...

Cheryl, don't be hard on yourself. Ableism? Nah. I like it. :-)

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