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Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Should Have Been Posting An Update on Finding a PA

It has been 3 weeks since there has been an update, and in that time, NOTHING has happened. I still don't have anyone. When I discussed the idea of classified ads with my mom, she thought it was a good idea, but when I told her how much they'd cost (you run them more then once of course) she kind of blew me off, told me she'd get back to me later, and I'm still waiting. I could just do it, I'm 26 years old (practically, 2.5 weeks away!), I don't need mommy's permission to decide if I think it's safe or not, but it's a $$$ thing.

In other news, a guy from my support group has offered to drive me for free. So I guess I can't say nothing happened. I'm inclined to take him up on it, but on the other hand I don't really know him all that well. He's just started coming. Yes, I know if I hire someone from an ad I place I won't know them at all, but that is clearly a business relationship. This, I am not so sure. He says he's not in school at the moment (he's college age), and not working, and bored, but I think he has a thing for me. When I discussed this with one of the group facilitators, whom I have known almost 2 years, he said that he thought he was just being nice, and is bored, and he doesn't think he has a thing for me. I should do what I feel comfortable doing.

It'll certainly save me the classifieds fees, although I won't allow him to drive me for free. It's aprox 40mi round trip and I assume 2.5-3hrs of his time and gas is well over $3/gal

[this picture of me and Cadance the horse is 3 years old, not new]


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