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Monday, July 12, 2010

Quote From My Office

Some women in the office have the most amusing/interesting lunch time conversations and this is from a few weeks ago so I have to paraphrase, but here's the gist:

One of the things they do is read the local free city paper and comment. This is not something I ever read, but apparently there is a space where people can write in and rant about whatever. In that issue there was a "rant" where someone went off on men who don't get up for senior citizens and pregnant ladies when riding on a crowded bus.

So right then and there this person went off on her own rant on how that is not a rant. You can't rant about that because what if this person can't stand. What if they have an invisible disability and can't stand? [to interject, I have a friend experiencing foot issues due to diabetes, and I don't figure he can stand anymore, for example] Should they have to announce it?

I had a WOW moment in my head. I just found it so refreshing that people actually think like this in the world. And feel strongly about this. Someone who doesn't look like she has a disability (I'm wondering if she does). Cuz I didn't even have this thought when she was reading it.

So what do you think? Justified rant or not?


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