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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Animated Video

I found this video a few weeks ago on this blog by randomly clicking through blogrolls. Here is the description:
Buddy has depression. It’s not debilitating, but serious enough that he has no joy in life. He’s not so much a black dog; more a brown dog if you like.

Buddy has read some books that have helped him with his depression, but the one called “Taming the Black Dog” falls on him, compounding his woes.

He gets on his computer and uses the Optimism software. (Ahem, where are the screen images) The app helps and he’s feeling more positive about overcoming depression. For some reason he is now reading Napolean Hill – what’s that about, Buddy? – and climbs into his box with a little more hope than before.
I'm not advocating/advertising this software, as I don't believe in being this obsessive, but I do appreciate the animation as I grew up with my brother (my own shameless plug), and really I'm just trying to get how you come to that conclusion necessarily. It could be, perhaps, that Buddy the dog was looking to see if there was any recreational reading, hurt his head and was looking for info on concussion symptoms...


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