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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Would YOU be This Open?

So I went to the first day of my internship last week (tomorrow is my 3rd) and my supervisor said something that I couldn't get out of my head. I've never heard the word perseverating before, and I just heard the 2nd person use it in relation to me. I went to my therapist the next day and she said the comment most likely didn't actually have anything to do with me. Made sense, 2 friends even agreed, but how do I know for sure? The only person who knows what my supervisor meant is my supervisor.

The point of internship class is to talk through these issues. Everyone has to take a turn with something every class. So I said what it was and then proceeded to say, in the same breath, "my therapist said..." Like it's totally societaly acceptable to talk about what your shrink says in a semi professional situation. Because to me it is. Or it should be. My philosophy, as I have stated before, is that if something isn't a big deal, don't make it seem like it is.

I want to take the stigma out of being crazy so I did it, regardless of the fact that I'm sure my professor didn't think it was appropriate (although she agrees with the assessment and said the exact same thing that more then one person has told me). Last semester I started a comment in class, responding to someone who had just used stigmatizing language, with "I'm bipolar and..." She had a serious problem with my self disclosure then, but I had felt the need to first back up my opinion with authenticity.

So would YOU be open with the fact that you have "issues" or would you shy away from it, covering it up with something like "my friend said..."?

PS: BTW yesterday it turned out that the comment in question totally didn't mean anything. So much for all that mental energy...


Shari said...

I would have been open about it. It's not inappropriate, especially if, one of the purposes of self-disclosure is to educate and end stigma. It would have been inappropriate if someone else had outed you.

Adelaide Dupont said...

I remember in the 1990s when I was introduced to the word:


It was in the World Book Encyclopaedia, 1994 edition (international) in the article about "Learning Disability"

and let me tell you, it had a US inflection.

One day it could well mean something, and even if it didn't, well, it all adds up.

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