It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Fun*Run Time

It's ALREADY that time of year again: The ADAPT Fun*Run for Disability Rights is April 22nd 2012. Maryland's fundraising goal is $8,000 this year. Yes, that's right, $8,000

Donate $1! Donate $10! Donate $100! Donate $1,000! JUST DONATE so we can FREE OUR PEOPLE! I thank you very much for your support!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Pa Teenager with Cerebral Palsy Makes Pitch for Rights of Disabled

Doing research for a paper on community organizing/olmstead. Don't really have time for a post, but part of the paper is supposed to be on how our topic is viewed by the media. So I did a google news search of 'ADAPT disability' just now and up popped the above article as well as a pretty good article from The Washington Post. I just wanted to post the link real quick before I totally forget, because it is that good. The article is old, from 2000. I thought about it for a sec and I realized, hey, this guy is my age! Kyle, are you reading this? Are you single? Looking for a date? Will you be in DC in April for the action? I went to facebook friend him and realized I'm already friends with his brother. I don't know who a lot of the people are that I've been friending lately. Too many random crip activists to keep straight. Who knew? But I don't think they're Jewish... :-(


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