It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Fun*Run Time

It's ALREADY that time of year again: The ADAPT Fun*Run for Disability Rights is April 22nd 2012. Maryland's fundraising goal is $8,000 this year. Yes, that's right, $8,000

Donate $1! Donate $10! Donate $100! Donate $1,000! JUST DONATE so we can FREE OUR PEOPLE! I thank you very much for your support!

Monday, March 30, 2009

3 Posts in 1--All About Awareness

If I can use this blog to drum up support for local political causes in Maryland...

then I can use this blog to drum up support for local political (of sorts) causes in Minnesota too. I got the following announcement through the causes application on Facebook. Gillette doesn't just serve kids in MN, but children and adults from places like Maryland (me!) and Tanzania (see their website That place will always be somewhere special for me, odd as it sounds.

Kids at Gillette Need Your Help!

As a supporter of Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare, you know how critical the organization's services are for tens of thousands of Minnesota children and their families. However, Gillette is at an important juncture. The needs of the community are simply growing beyond what we have the space to accomodate. For instance while the number of annual surgeries performed at Gillette has increased 135% in the past decade, the space to perform those surgeries has remained unchanged during the same time period.

At this time, to meet the needs of the community and the continued growth in population, Gillette is planning to expand its pediatric intensive care unit and surgery areas. This proposed expansion will more than double the capacity of these areas, allowing the organization to meet both the current needs of the community as well as projections for future needs as well. Currently, it is our hope that this project would be paid for in a combination of methods. $40 million from internal funding, and $10 million through a bill that is currently being reviewed by the State of Minnesota legislators.

Here is where we need your help. If we do not receive the support from the legislature, we will have to reassess what we can do and how quickly.

Will you please visit our Legislative Action Center and ask Minnesota's House of Representatives to ensure that children across Minnesota have access to critical health care services here at Gillette.

[image description (top of section): the Gillette Children's logo]


I was just glancing at Terri's blog (I really do need some time to actually read it, looks like she has some great posts) and realized that TOMORROW is "end the r-word day." I feel like I should do something, but I don't know what. Print the graphic (above) and tape it to the back of my chair for the day? Maybe. Not sure. Does anyone reading have an idea?

I did see this that I will watch if I have a chance (or even remember):

Spread the Word to End the Word online youth rally
Live stream at, 12:35 PM Eastern Time.

The 50-minute rally will feature actor Eddie Barbanell from the hit movie “The Ringer,” Special Olympics athletes and volunteers, and original music performed by rap artist Rush. Also on the program are original videos produced by young people. High school students across the country will be asked to take the pledge to stop using the “R” word and to help raise awareness among their friends. The rally is being produced by Miami Palmetto Senior High School 11th-grader Noah Gray, Special Olympics Florida and SchoolTube.

[image description from top of section: 1st line-spread the word 2nd line-to end the word 3rd line-3.31.09 4th ; all in shades of blue w/a white background]

AND LASTLY... Remember to watch Table for 12 TONIGHT

Tonight at 9 & 9:30 eastern TLC is airing 2 new episodes of the new reality TV show about a family with 10 kids, one of which, Rebecca, (shown above sitting on her mother's lap) has CP. I'm posting this in particular because I am very excited about the 9:30 episode which is all about taking Rebecca for her 1st therapeutic riding lesson. This is something I was involved in from when I was 3 to when I was 16 (college costs too much $ ;( ) and I can't say enough about the good horses can do. I also LOVE the amount of disability awareness this show will bring. I'm almost bursting! Is it wrong to get this excited? (about TV? Yes. About horses? NEVER!) I need a life...


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