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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You Know You Have CP When...

I've decided to follow in Emma's footsteps, or treadmarks more accurately...

I got a new powerchair almost 3 months ago. I know, I know I have to back post the whole saga of how this came to be. It's rather comical. My new chair looks like this picture but not exactly. It is a Quantum Q6 Edge, just like the picture, but as most of you know everything is super customized.

Over the past 3 days there have been almost 2 dozen emails going back and forth between a Pride employee (they make the chair), my WHEELCHAIR dealer, the repair guy, their purchaser, my PT, and now a friend and my Dr, because I need some outside advice, about A JOYSTICK MOUNT. I know what you're thinking and it is totally ridiculous.

Tonight, like every Wednesday night I went to On Our Own and when it was my turn to speak during the support group I started out with
I had PT at 3:30 right before I came here, and there's all this drama with my dealer
Then I realized, I went OMG in my head, what that sounded like and very clearly changed the end of my sentence to
about my joystick mount for my chair. And there were so many emails she made me miss my bus and I had to call a cab, and I still got there on time but...
Humorous isn't it? My life is never dull.


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