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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Should Have Been Blogging a True Story Tuesday

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In honor of the fact that I have my 1st horseback riding lesson in 2 days, a horsey story:

When I was 5, almost 6, I had my 1st major surgery. I was in a camouflage body cast, as it was 1991, 1st gulf war era, and I can't remember if I ever mentioned that my brother and I were into playing army with our grandpa, who was a WWII vet. But that's neither here nor there.

This story comes after my surgery, when I did a crazy amount of rehab. 12hrs of PT per week, plus my regular hrs of OT & ST. My adductors (inner thigh muscles) have always been and will always be a major area of concern (I'm trying SO HARD not to cross my legs while I am writing this), so I think it was my main PT, but who knows at this point (I was working with 5) who decided to leave this foamish bolster thing (shown right, but without the chain on the end) that she just wanted me to sit on while I was watching TV. Just so I'd get some kind of passive stretch.

But I would have none of it. They wanted me to do more?!?! If I was a little older at the time I would have said,
Or something like that. Nevermind my parents pleaded with me and tried to reason with me, telling me that she just wanted me to practice so that when my trainer was back in town and my Dr said I could go riding again, I could go riding again. They tried to convince me that if I didn't sit on the thing I wouldn't be able to get on a pony at all. I was just too smart to fall for that.

In desperation my parents tracked my trainer down and called her at her winter house in Florida. They asked if they could drive over to the barn and borrow my saddle until lessons started up again in the spring. Would she let someone know they were coming by? My grandpa, who became an engineer after his stint in the army and loved to build things, came down from New Jersey and built me a sawhorse. If you don't know what a sawhorse is, they look pretty much like the picture to the left. My saddle was perched on top, and somewhere in my parents' basement there are pictures of me sitting on it in the living room watching TV with a big smile on my face.

While I only vaguely remember this, I do remember the excitement of having my saddle in my house! *Squeal of joy* My parents had decided to surprise me! I also remember the first time I got back to the barn that spring, and before I was allowed to get near a pony my trainer made me prove to her that I would in fact be able to get on, and then made a huge deal out of it!

[OK, just noticed all of my TST posts have to do with surgery. There's something wrong with that]


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