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Monday, November 3, 2008

My List of Reasons I don't Blog Anymore

For Blake's edition of the Disability Blog Carnival:

1. I decided school is more important then blogging

2. Very few bloggable things have happened in the last few months

3. I don’t seem to have the concentration to blog anymore (if you haven’t noticed, my posts tend to be long)

4. I like sleep

5. I’m trying to spend less time online

6. My life seems to be revolving around people, as opposed to more abstract things like disability culture, and I don’t think those people want to be blogged about, as much as I’d like to blog about them.

Why I’m Sad I Don’t Blog Anymore

1. I like the connection with other uppity activist crips and the feeling of community

2. I think it would improve my mood w/o hurting as much as the gym did Thursday

3. I think it would help me to deal with said people mentioned above

4. I know people want to read my stuff and I want to write for them

5. I’d rather waste time blogging then waste time the way I have been lately

Can someone please tell me how to get my mojo back?

[picture description: cartoon of a computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse, all with faces. Monitor says to man: “We’ve been talking… and we all think it’s time you updated your blog]


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