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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Click Here, There & Everywhere. Or, the Curse of (with a Bit of Britan's Missing Top Model Mixed In) All the cool kids and meI want to thank DeafMom for the breaking news that has a new disabiity page. Click the logo to be directed there. I'm not being scarcastic at all. Alltop is AWESOME (do you think that will get me moved up the list?). Hopefully in a few days, as people figure out that the page is there, we'll be getting more traffic here. Besides just, there are 9 on-site Disaboom blogs listed (including mine & DeafMom's), as well as 4 off site blogs written by fellow Disaboomers.

But I have a problem with Alltop. It works too well. I LOVE IT! I don't really read offsite blogs other then on carnival day. It's too burdensome to click here, there, and everywhere. Disaboom makes it so easy. A bunch of great blogs all in one spot. Here comes Alltop and it does the same thing. WHOO HOO! How great!

Right... until you actually start using Alltop. It sucks you in like a vortex, and it hasn't even been around for a week. Alltop certainly works. Yesterday through Alltop I discovered a great blog by Patrica Bauer, Disability News. It's also a very comprehensive site. A one stop shop of all things great in disability news. By all, I really do mean all. Alltop lists your last 5 posts and an excert from each one. Patrica's last 5 posts were all from between 6:04 and 7:47 this morning. And they all sound incredibly interesting. Now how is a girl supposed to keep up with that? Especally in the fall when I have a jam packed schedule.

Here comes what I am going to call the "click here phenomenon" or maybe the "If You Give A Mouse a Cookie phenomenon." You see, all I did was click on the folder in my bookmarks toolbar labeled Blog Roll. From there my first site is Alltop Disability. Seems innocent enough. Except that once I was on Alltop I then clicked on Patrica Bauer's blog. The first post listed was about the new British reality show Britain's Missing Top Model. Under her Headlines Column is listed a link to another post of her's that links to the youtube video below. In the very beginning of the show there is a voiceover from one of the judges. “Disability has a natural place in life, so why shouldn’t it be a part of fashion?” That certainly caught my attention. So of course I was compelled to watch the entire 1st episode, contained in six different parts.

The video is not captioned even though there are 2 deaf contestants. That pisses me off.

One of the contestants is a part-time wheeler. You'll notice if you look at the end of part 5. For most of the show she was walking, and then all of a sudden she rolled in to meet with the judges. I did a double take and had to rewind it. There was no mention of it in an interview or a voiceover or anything at all. All I can say to that is YES!!! If you're a walkie or a full-time wheeler you'll never feel what I feel, being that I have an ever changing combination of crutches, AFOs, UCBs, my Jazzy, and my rarely used Quickie. In the summer I like to wear my Naots and then use absolutely nothing at all. You see, as most of you know, to the AB world disability is black and white. But in addition to the "people with invisable disabilities are lying" crap is the "people only walk or don't walk" crap. The "sometimes walk" thing doesn't exist. People don't know what to do with it. So the fact that a part-time wheeler is getting TV exposure, and that it just is what it is, does fill me with a bit of glee.

From youtube I then went to the show's site because I was curious to find out what this Disability Bitch thing was. From there, I clicked to see Miss Bitch's blog. I read about how Disability Bitch loves Chinese disability awareness. Not sure how I feel about that. I also became her fan on Facebook. And then somehow, I went to check out Spastic Fantastic, by Laurence Clark. In that post Laurence linked to a 2003 Ouch! survey of the 10 most offensive words. Can someone please explain to me what a window-licker is? I was about to go off on a tangent about the word special, but that deserves it's own post.

Alltop became my "cookie" today, and I'm sure I had better things to do. What am I supposed to do with Alltop then? Pretend it doesn't exist. I can't do that, I like it too much, and I like blogging too much. But it is certainly a problem for me.


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