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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Disability Blog Carnival #62: HOLIDAYS

For once I have finished a carnival super early and not just under the wire. Which is good for you that you have so much more time to read it, because I've put together a lot of great posts. Are you as excited as I am? I'm not quite as excited as a 6 year old on the first night of Chanukah, but it's close. So I won't keep you in suspense any longer. Without further ado, here is Disability Blog Carnival #62: Holidays

General Holiday Posts

Ricki's Mom shares some ways to adapt holiday materials so that kids with intellectual disabilities can celebrate just like everyone else.

New Years

Heather, my real life friend and a reluctant blogger, recently took the time to post her goals for 2010 in her post New Year... new start. Please go visit and encourage her to blog more often.

Kathryn shares maybe one of the greatest accomplishments of all time in her New Years post. You have to click to find out what it is...


Jen posts 2 pictures of her daughter Jordan in her Easter dress. One picture is of Jordan and the other of Jordan and 2 new friends. Does that dress come in my size? I don't care which color. If you go to Born Just Right you can also find great posts about Jordan's Christmas dance recitals from both 2008 & 2009.


To throw in a little more Jew, I'll include my post where I talked about the connection between this Jewish Holiday and disability rights.


Ellen shares the process of making Max a ur-ul ahr (that would be purple car) Halloween costume out of a shopping bag and some poster board.

Rob's got pictures of another cute kid in a Halloween Costume. It's Schuyler as Amelia Earheart.

Cheryl (another one) has a lot of great posts about her family and various holidays you should go find, but I thought I'd draw attention to a post about the kids she works with. Check out Pink Pumpkins and Grief Group. Cheryl's grief group also sold candy canes for the Leukemia & Lymphoma association.


Jenni shares an acrostic in her 2008 Thanksgiving post.

Having tween daughters sure threw a wrench in Christine's holiday (or maybe we should blame Starbucks)! Since when did having a disability have to have anything to do with it?


Boy are there a lot of christmas posts

Glenda writes about how going to her husband's follow up doctor appointment reminded her of a Christmas memory from her childhood, in her post Taking Time to Savour a Deja Vu Moment.

In a very old post that obviously made an impression on me, Tiffiny gripes about changed expectations in her post If I Could Walk, I'd Definitely Have to Bring the Christmas Ham.

Deborah shares a GREAT Christmas picture of Ashley in her post, Merry Christmas to All.

Blake posts about how this Christmas he was faced with his loss of function from SMA head on. Or should I say hand on?

Kali submitted 2 posts to this month's carnival. In the first she contrasts the Christmas experiences of her family verses that of her boyfriend's. The second is full of funny stories about her service dog.

Laura compares Christmas past and Christmas present. Her holidays seemed to be most notably marked by whether or not she was in the hospital that year (boy can I relate). I'm glad this year was calm and hospital free!

Danielle comes out of her very long blogging hiatus just to write her carnival submission, simply titled Holidays. She writes about her son Jordan and the joy she could have never imagined experiencing several Christmases ago.

By all accounts Elizabeth didn't have the greatest Christmas this year, but she very proudly proclaims "I'M NOT DEAD YET!"

Terri writes about the difficulty of buying Christmas gifts for her Queen Teen who is intellectually disabled. She wants items that Queen Teen will both enjoy and that are age appropriate. I think Terri did a GREAT job this year!


This is the last post anyone's seen from Kara in quite some time. I imagine she's rather preoccupied and I'm sure the ways she celebrates her holidays will change. Congrats Kara & Adam!

Irrational Point has coined a great phrase: lame-ification. What is it? It is a subset of ableism wherein a TAB (temporarily able bodied person) tries to cheer you up when you don't need cheering at all.

This is totally cool. Jacqui posts about finding a tandem bike that she can use with Moo.

PHEW! I think 24 posts are more than enough. Hope you've enjoyed. I think that February's carnival is being hosted by Kathryn over at Ryn Tale's Book of Days. Can somebody confirm?

[oh yeah, the picture at the top is the same one as the intro post]


therapydoc said...

What an amazing assortment. I'll try to get around :)

Cheryl said...

TD I've done other editions of the carnival before, that I think are popping up below. There are of course 59 others besides the ones I've done as well.

Terri said...

Great collection. I don't think I see mine though:

Cheryl said...

Terri, I never got a submission from you. I'll update right away. Interested in hosting? I know Penny needs some...

Terri said...

Thanks for including me in (as my one daughter used to say.) Thought I'd submitted, must have forgotten--sorry about that!

I could host... have any ideas for a theme (I know there doesn't need to be one, but I like one...)

Laura said...

Great collection! Thanks!

rickismom said...

Lovely job; thanks

Lauren said...

I'm hosting the next edition of the Carnival at My health has been acting up; will try to have a submissions post up shortly.

Lauren said...

The submissions post for this month's blog carnival is up at disability on Dreamwidth. Is there any chance you could post something linking people to it?

Anonymous said...

Just getting started - want to recommend that the linked urls open in a new window. What do others think?


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