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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Minds of Little Kids...

When I was a little kid listening to the radio in the car I would always get confused by traffic reports. Why would they always announce "disabled cars?" Why would other drivers need to know where disabled cars are? To me disabled cars were cars with handicapped license plates (like ours), not broken down cars. This confused me for years. Especially because if people really did need to know where all the cars on the road with handicapped license plates are, how come our car was never mentioned on the radio? How come no one ever called in to let people know about us? It never made sense to me to call a broken down car a disabled vehicle. Disabled comes from disability. I have a disability (now 2). But I am not broken down.

[image description: the kenguru electric car. Now that is a disabled car.]


Shari said...

Is that an accessible smart car? I didn't know that was possible, or that anyone would want one!

Shari Lynne

Cheryl said...

Shari Lou! ((hugs)) I was going to write and tell you to google it but then I did and I've amended my post to include a link to the manufactures site. Also, you know the facebook app wheelchair gifts? this pic is one of the options.

Thomas Wright said...

Kenguru can really be a good alternative for wheelchair addition for vans. One advantage is the ease of access for wheelchair-users. You simply open the remotely controlled rear door and roll over the ramp to get in. And it can also help you save money on gas, as it uses electric power, which is fraction of the cost of gasoline.

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