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Monday, October 26, 2009

Now This is Somewhat Creepy

Facebook uses cookies to track everything you do there. They use this data to be able to target ads to you. My profile says I like horses so I get a lot of ads about buying horses or sales on riding boots. It also says I'm single, so I get a lot of dating service ads, usually non discriminatory or Jewish although I get my fair share of christian dating site ads as well, even though it says I'm Jewish. I'm a fan of 3elove so I constantly get there ads too (FYI I want a kelly green hoodie size M if anyone wants to buy me one).

All that I understand. I get. What I don't get is that I just got an ad that I may be eligible to participate in a research study testing the efficacy of investigational pain meds after bunion surgery. Seriously, how do they know I need 2 bunion surgeries in the somewhat distant future (it seems)??? I don't think I've ever mentioned that on facebook or this blog... Creep anyone else out?

[image description: 3 pairs of feet in cute socks]


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