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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cultural Development & Disability

As I said in a post last week, I'm in summer school. The class I'm taking is adolescent psyc. As an aside, I just got my midterm back and she came over to me and told me that I got the most multiple choice right of anyone in the class Big Smile Today's topic was cultural development in adolescence. Or should I say ethnic development. You have know idea how much this makes my blood boil (well maybe you do because you all live this too). We're a culture too and people are going to get that even if I have to cram it down their throats. I doubt there's research on the topic, so I raised my hand incessently today.

We were focusing mostly on Helmes' stages of ethnic identity and it was amazing how well it suited us and our culture. Someone brought up the difference between light colored and dark colored African Americans. Lighter skined ones are "better." I'd like to propose a comparison between African Americans and people with physical disabilities.

As I wrote in a different post last week, I've been doing a lot of thinking about my powerchair. I'm very anti-chair and that's not helping me. I keep asking myself if I would ever look down on somebody else who couldn't walk at all. I don't even have to think. The answer is of course not. So why do I insist on walking so much that it's so bad it's affecting my grades? Well it comes to me after whoever said that like a bolt of lightning. People who walk are smarter of course. Now really I do see the falicy in that, but this belief is so deep rooted that I picked up on it in pre-school. When I was little I didn't want to be within 500ft of a kid in a chair. I wasn't like them. I could walk. God forbid anyone thought I was like them. I'm not retarded. So now I'm 23 and "people who walk better are smarter" seems to have been burned in the back of my head.

So lighter skined blacks are better and people who walk are smarter. Anyone have an oppinion on that?


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