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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sign of the Times?

A shorty to get back in the swing of things... If anyone will even see this...

Today I had a session with one of my two therapists & for the second time in a row I walked in & handed her my phone immediately. Cued up to a Facebook/G-Chat I wanted her to read so we could process them. Conversations that when I started seeing her 6 years ago I wouldn't have been able to have, because I didn't have the interpersonal skills to steer them anyway whatsoever. Now I can. I can be in control and express my feelings clearly. We can discuss if what I was able to express what asking for of that person or how I responded to what the other person was asking of me.

I don't view it as a boundary issue (between me and whomever the conversation was with) because I'm not spreading them around. I'm 28, maybe that's why. It's been very helpful to be able to process this at a deeper level then we used to be able to do before my smartphone.

Her: "What EXACTLY did they say?"
Me: "I...don't...know..."

A lot of times what I hear is not what they said. A lot of times 5 days later, I just don't know what either of us said. And then she can't really help me if I have no words.

Now I have ALL THE WORDS. Several hours long conversations she can read entirely in about 10mins. Something 6 years ago we couldn't do because I was just starting to text. On a phone where I had to push a button 4x to get an S. I'm pretty sure G-chat hadn't yet been invented.

I'm in awe of the technology, a sign of the times, and wondering what you think? Do you think it's a boundary issue, because the other person doesn't know I'm sharing a 3hr conversation (don't share them with ANYONE else). Is this something you do? Just curious... I've forwarded emails to her for YEARS.


Bobby said...

Great for you!! This brings a smile to my face. It is amazing how fast 6 years can fly by but when you actually look back on the progress you have made during the time you really realize just how long it has been.

Anonymous said...

Flanoor your posts! As uppity as u wanna be!! ;)

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